Rover Orientation Course

Rover Orientation Course
We’d like to invite all new Rovers or interested parties to attend the Rover Orientation Course, taking place on 20 February 2016 at Gilwood.

All adults are welcome, whether you are directly involved in Rovering or not. This course will be run by the Western Cape Rover Advisory Council (WCRAC) and myself. The Rover Orientation course is aimed at senior scouts, young adults and new Rovers who are interested in becoming more involved in a nearby Rover Crew, would like to one day form their own Crew or who are simply interested in learning more about Rovering. Essentially, this course provides you with a basic introduction into Rovering and shares with you the purpose of Rovering and its history. We will look at Crew Structures as well as the path a Rover would take to achieving their Baden-Powell Award, among other things.

Cost: R50
Date: 20 February 2016, 13:00 to 18:00
Venue: Gilwood, Milton Rd, Goodwood
Closing Date: 8 February

Please make your application online under the name 2016 WCape Rover Orientation (if you really can’t apply online then email me and I’ll send you the paperwork to do it the old-fashioned way).

Senior Rovers – keep your eyes open for the details on the Advanced Rovering Workshop, to take place 14-15 May 2016.