Rover Training currently comprises of three courses which run parallel to the main stream adult training course delivered by the WC ATT. The courses are designed to assist Rovers to be fully equipped in fulfilling their role within the Scouting Movement. The three courses are Rover Orientation, Rover Management Course and Event Planning Course.

Rover Orientation is aimed at Youth and Rovers who are looking at joining the third branch of the movement. This course runs in conjunction with the Permit Phase Training giving Youth, Squires and Rovers the opportunity to get a good grounding in the aims and objectives of Rovering.

Rover Management Course is aimed at Rovers who are currently functioning on Crew Councils or who are preparing to take on one of the responsibilities. This course covers the theory behind scouting leadership tools and how they apply to rovers and what needs to be put in place to run a functional Rover Crew.

Event Planning Course is aimed at ALL Rovers. The course is based on Project Management and how to effectively plan and manage events. The course will focus on three types of events, namely for cubs, scouts and the community at large. This is a great course for Rovers who are wanting to run group, district and provincial events.